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Grace, knows first hand the mental health impacts of working and being educated in spaces that aren't truly anti-racist.

After founding The Self-Esteem Team and delivering mental health education in 300+ schools (to 150,000 teachers, students and parents) nationwide; whilst simultaneously seeking treatment for her own mental health. Grace couldn't help but notice that schools were not yet anti-racist.

Whilst touring the world as a backing vocalist Grace felt and witnessed the impact of an industry that is not yet anti-racist. 

Whilst becoming an author Grace saw and experienced the impact of an industry that is not yet anti-racist.

Upon realising that, statistically, her story was far from unique, it no longer made sense for Grace to deliver mental health education without doing something to tackle racism. 


 I Am Ally was born to tackle racism in the worlds Grace knows best, the arts and education.


Yes, Grace is a singer, dancer and author with a love of dogs and cake and she's excited for the day these things define her – rather than the colour of her skin. But she acknowledges (with a heavy heart) that we are not there yet.


Willing something to be so doesn't make it so, we must roll up our sleeves and do the work.

Grace is excited to work with you so, fill out the enquiry form and lets get started! 

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