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We’ve seen great results by providing services other than just workshops and talks. So, choose a topic/s and pair with a service or two. . . or three! If you're not sure what's going to be right for you, we're on hand to help, click to contact us!



The beauty of education is that no two days are the same and whilst this can be wonderful, it can also be incredibly challenging. As teachers you're often expected to teach topics or mediate situations outside your training and areas of expertise.

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If you need someone on hand to give a little non judgemental insight, help or support when an incidents occurrs, or you're strategising how best to deliver the curriculum (with regards to the topics we cover) we can be on hand. 

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At times all you need is an outside eye to look at your policies, initiatives or future plans. You might want more than the quick chat so, with remote consultancy we can advise and/or help implement new ideas so you can move forward with. confidence.  

We can work to a schedule that suits you. And if you'd like your consultancy to be a little less remote, let us know and we'll look to accomodate you.


Retainers are great because they give you access to any and all mentoring, troubleshooting, consultancy, workshops and everything in between, across all the topics we deliver. With a retainer you're buying time and it can be used however 

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you like. Maybe you thought students wanted there to be a focus on anti-racism but we find out during an action group meeting that actually, they want more support with regards to neurodiversity. That's ok, we can plan how best to do that... and then get on and do it!


Maybe you want to run an event but you're not quite sure

how best to celebrate Black History Month or engage with World Bipolar Day. That's ok, we can plan and implement it together. Maybe you're looking for a workshop that is really specific, to speak directly to your community in your school. That's ok, we can use the time to create and deliver a bespoke workshop. We could even build resources for your teachers to use and run a session to familiarise them with the content.


This 360 degree approach enables your school to become a true ally in anti-racism, mental health and neurodivergence.

Fill out THE CONTACT FORM and lets have a chat about what would be best for you.

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Mentoring can be used for student council/action group meetings to set up good practice, or to support processes already in place so that they are truly effective. We can then strategise or implement any changes with staff.

It’s also great for those students wrestling with the topics we cover. They often haven't developed a language around these feeling and when that discomfort has nowhere to go, it shows up as behaviour that's less than ideal.​ Talking to an adult who doesn't feel like an authority figure, but has experienced what they might be struggling with and found ways to communicate and strategies to enable success in spite of these struggles can take the edge for them and in turn, those around them


And finally, workshops have long formed the backbone of PSHE. We believe it's important for there to be a shared language and understanding between students and staff, workshops enable that to happen

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We can deliver workshops, talks or keynotes to groups as small as three and as big as 300. Just let us know what you're looking for!

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