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Being 'not racist' is different to being anti-racist. That goes for systems as well as individuals.


Systemic racism relies on our deference to structures as they already exist. One such structure is our education system and by it's very nature it is at the root of all our systems. New systems are always created by people educated within the system. Meaning that our environment is a product of our education.


For context .gov stats (2018) highlight that Black Caribbean and mixed (White & Black Caribbean) students are 3x more likely to be permanently excluded from the uk's education system; that 92.9% of headteachers are white and that 85.1% of SLT's (senior leadership teams) are white. this is not representative of the current UK population so a more diverse teaching body (particularly in leadership roles) is certainly required. But these stats also demonstrate that, as is happening now, without White allies non-white students are highly likely to be ill served by our education system.


Allyship sits at the heart of creating anti-racist spaces and proper education builds allies. But how do we ensure that we are anti-racist? How do we know that we are active allies? How can we ensure we teach anti-racist material in an anti-racist fashion? And how do we know that our whole school approach is an anti-racist one? 


I Am Ally was created to help you answer these questions with confidence. We teach teachers first – because, like diana ross, we believe in chain reactions. We do not want the burden of change to be left at the feet of the few non-white teachers we have. We want all teachers to be ready, willing and equipped to make the big decisions about their school, based on a realtime understanding of race issues in the UK. and, once you're ready we'll give you resources to teach with so your students can become informed anti-racist allies too.

Copy of Express Yourself 70's Social Post (3000 x 1500 px).png